Uplifting Sikh Contour

American Sikh Sangat is driving the main forces to aware Sikhism

Amplifying Sikhism and its reputation, challenges, and courage
American Sikhs have been a part of the United States for hundreds of years and it has the reputation of its residents. American Sikhs are employed in the esteemed posts of America and equally participating in its services. Our aim stands with uplifting the Sikh profile in America and works for the enhancement of community from all discriminating sections.

After this long contribution and reputation of Sikh community victories, we feel the need to present the Sikh evaluation on the larger platform. A crowded conversation can easily fan the popularity of the Sikh religion and its following in the United States. Our 10 years of professional experience encouraged us to take the Sikh community to higher levels. Using media and communication platforms, Sikh profiles will get better recognition and can spear its awareness.
Media Projects at the National Level The Sikh community is still beneath the lights of recognition in the different fields and systems of the nation. This unrecognized stage of the American Sikhs can be raised with the help of the media and mass community. Media is the most spreading and effective power force that has the ability to raise or fall anyone’s profile. For the upliftment of the Sikh Community, the help of the media is the most effective source in the present time. From the victimization to the discrimination issues, all sectors of work need reformation and amplification on them, and media is the most powerful torchbearer of the world.

Our team, American Sikh Sangat, is connected with the media and journalists that reach news to all local and national doors. We do not pour our responsibilities upon the media but work along with them. Our eye-opening news is majorly related to the unequal discrimination, and bullying by the American Sikhs.

We believe that to form a strong community, the unity of our’s is most important and in the different pictures of the Social levels, we cover all events to spread awareness.
Sikh Project  Sikh Project is a specialized system-oriented project work that includes Sikh civil liberties and protects human rights. This project covers all Sikh profile-raising concepts that work in favor of its upliftment. American Sikh Sangat aims to reform the system by serving in the American Courtrooms, community, white hall, and military services. With this system, our group is working hard to raise exciting opportunities for Sikh individuals. We believe that literacy plays a vital role to develop the Sikh state and provide them all the positive favors that they deserve.

American Sikh Sangat has years of experience in the different working sectors of the United States and our analysis has provided us some most essential and vivid steps for amplification. Some of our Sikh centering projects include education, job searching, and covering all relatable resources that are in the current demand. We try to sew the gap between different communities of the nation by implementing the new thinking planted by our young members.

Our work has brought unimaginable changes to the current platform and we have gained a pile of members joining our group. They are serving from different working sectors and this has expanded our members’ diaspora working pace. We lovingly welcome you to our group and want your cooperation in the noble cause. To join our team, contact our provided source.
Sangat Media Engagement
American Sikh Sangat is a united form of individuals who are utterly devoted to their god and selflessly serve. In the gurdwara premises, Sikhs share the same love and devotedness towards God and follow all his preachings. To communicate the most relevant and major issues, the unity in the Sikh Sangat association members is very important. For Sikhs, their religion is equal to praying and meeting God, and when discrimination meets them in different sectors, it brings inequality. Sikh awareness for their rights and rewards is very important. When they know about the facts, their growth will become more evident and promising. There is a crowd of people who work for Sangat discussing national and international issues and finding ways to modify the system.
When we have discussed Sikh communities, we need to cover their instant and long-term issues; the fields they want reformation in. Since the media has the largest networks in the whole world, it is the appropriate means to reach more Sikhs in less time. We raise public issues and bring them in the curtain of the screen and publicize them for more engagement. Gurudwara premises welcome both Sikh and non-Sikh communities and provide them every possible help and we bring this noble work to light. We have engaged many news channel reporters to cooperate with us and cover the achievements and services of Sikhs. Across the whole nation, we engage the media to empower the Sikhs and support the needy ones.

Our efforts have brought colors to the national level and the camera of the media is covering some burning issues that are influencing the Sikh community. We have helped a range of news channels to establish a good reputation. Sangat of the whole United States, have come forward with their group and taken initiative for creating their own channels to summarize the Sikh issues. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, these Sikh Sangat have worked at the national level and covered every update for the citizens.