Sikhs in America

From the 19th century, Sikhs started immigrating to the United States. Currently, the Sikh population is nearly around 30 million in the whole world and the majority resides in India rather than USA and Canada. America has the 2nd largest Sikh population residing there for almost 130 years. Since arrival, Sikhs have resided in the USA states of New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit, and California.

American Sikhs have given precious contributions to the nation with their noble humanity services and have made an effort in making notable efforts for the Sikh citizens in the country. When Sikhs immigrated to the USA, they started engaging in business and service sectors. It was the second world war when Bhagat Singh Thind served in the military services from the United States. He became the first Asian American Sikh to serve in the U.S Army.

American Sikhs have become among the strongest communities of the USA and engaged in the administration and political services. Sikhs community in the USA white house and political systems are working to amplify the administration for an ample living of the citizens. Sikhs support equality in religion, race, color, and cast. American Sikhs stand against discrimination and raise their voice against wrong. They are working individuals in the political systems and law enforcement services and take special care that no one is being misguided or bullied by anyone.

In the year 1907, when this community arrived in the USA, discrimination led them to leave the state and angry mobs attacked them severely. Sikh laborers and workers were hardly beaten and rushed to go back. However, with friendly hands and their support and respect for the nation and its religion, Sikhs were admired as brothers and allowed to stay. And today Sikhs are not only posted in the higher orders but also serving in the state security forces.

Recent cases of hatred and unlikeliness were recorded where the community was attacked by conspirators and criminals and the national security organization has taken strict actions against them.

The simple message of Sikhism is loving all creatures of earth and praying to the one loving, formless creator through meditation and divinity. Regardless of any faith, religion, race, gender, or background, Sikhism teaches equality and represents a commitment to equality, justice, and truth.