Right to Equal Employment

We believe that a nation is formed not with race or religion it is formed with people helping each other to rise on the same platform.

At the present time, we are witnessing certain discrimination seen in the employment sector, where the minority class and non-Christians are deprived of showing their potential. We strongly oppose this kind of classification as no work is bound to any class or creed. Unequal employment raises animosity and hostility among the working people because people start questioning each other’s working abilities.

With this discrimination, the Sikh community is most affected as most Americans do not understand them as their part. Hence, our work includes creating a deserving spot for American Sikhs. Even state and federal laws have launched multiple policies to bring equality in the work field. 

Appealing court for Employment Discrimination
American Sikhs have no other common issue on the international level but getting equality in the job field. We follow the main essence of work that does not know discrimination. In the professional sector, there are numerous employees of Sikh and non-Sikh communities who are questioned for their abilities due to their different origins. The American government has given the individuals to raise their voices against the inequality of jobs in the courtrooms.

But the problem resides with the denial of agencies and lawyers who aren’t willing to discuss the matters. Policies based on ‘corporate image’ are the main fear seen in the job field and employees do not get good guidance of proceeding to claim their authority in the field.American Sikh Sangat has associate members who help the individuals to stand against this misbehavior and claim their own rights in the courtrooms.

In a nation like the United States, the rules are not set based on specific merit who are given special care.

All are equal in front of the government and our lawyer association and group religiously follow that. We are there with every Sikh employee to hand him his part of the right.
With our efforts, not just Sikhs have come forward with their injustice but also non-Sikhs are also raising their voice against this inhumane act. The government has magnified its views towards these equality rights and is giving special attention to removing this ill behavior from the nation.

Sikhs Serving the U.S Armed Forces
American Sikhs have been serving in the US armed forces since the second world war. The power and valor of Sikhs are unquestionable and their devotedness towards the nation is immense. But their appearance and religion are the most uncommon to them. Sikhs serving the US armed forces are facing discrimination issues due to their styles of appearance like a turban and long hair.

In Spite of Sikhs serving in the higher posts of US armed forces, their fellow mates show some unlikely behavior towards them. American Sikh Sangat opposes this kind of behavior from anyone. We believe that the personas spend their whole life just to protect us selflessly.American Sikh Sangat works in the favour of raising American Sikh Youth’s contribution to the Armed forces. We encourage everyone to take the initiative and serve the armed forces.

Our team approaches everyone to respect each other’s religion and stand for their religious rights. Our team also approaches the policy-making houses to bring special functions in the military services. It is very nice to hear that the American Policy House in understanding the undefining contribution in the US armed forces passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2017 that allowed every Sikh to follow their religious rights and wear their articles as per their choice.

American Sikh Sangat systematically continues its steps to collaborate with multiple groups and discuss different matters to be discussed in the military services. The major effects of our work are seen in the initial forms as our members of American congress work in demanding the favorable. The current US government is giving equality and chances to the Sikh American soldiers and allows them to follow their religion along with their articles of faith. There used to be some boundaries while appearing for the boot camp training where they had to either join or leave the chance to pass in the merit. Turbans and beards were points of main concern to the American Sikh military personas. Our efforts have led the concerned premises to reform the rules and with irrespective faiths, they launched a new rule allowing Sikhs to participate with beards and turbans.

Sikhs serving in the Law enforcement
The contribution and post of Sikh high literary individuals are rapidly increasing and they have been handling the major issues and causes of the nation.

Being an integral part of the American Courtrooms and legal specialization, American Sikhs still face some discrimination in the higher authorities. Due to their articles of faith, the Sikhs get special attention from everyone. People question their abilities and power that can be used for the rise of a nation. Due to the outdated thinking of some individuals, Sikh communities are sometimes deprived of some higher posts or handling important cases. In few cases, when they are positioned in the law enforcement section, the demand of changing appearance increases when any denial comes, they are not allowed to uniformly take any decision.

With the inspiration and valor of the first American Sikh enforcement officer Sandeep Dhaliwal, the Sikh community is coming forward with his serving spirit for the nation.

Alan Rosen, the reputed Jewish law enforcement officer in the US army welcomed Amrit Singh, the first Sikh deputy constable in the Harris County Sheriff, and praised his dedication towards his work. Amrit Sikh has banged the history with his first-ever position as a deputy constable and aims to take the legacy of Sandeep Dhaliwal further. He states that he had an aim to serve his nation since his childhood and work adhering to his religion.

Presently, multiple American Sikhs are posted in the reputed positions in the highest service sections of US FBI, secret services, CBC, and County Sheriff offices. Our teammates have associate members who groom policies and handle law enforcement agencies. They assist young blood to train and qualify for the law enforcement posts.