Our Project

American Sikh Sangat focuses on supporting the American Sikh’s influence in the different servicing sectors of the nation. Our strategic emphasis includes the community support of Sikhs to promote healthcare, law, civil rights, education, and employment of every individual.

Every child is special, Empower them

Our association team works in empowering American Sikh student’s knowledge and education. We aim to avail safe schools environments and advanced education to every individual student. American Sikh Sangat has been working for a long time, implementing schools and policies to establish an ideal learning platform.

Right to Equal Employment

At the present time, we are witnessing certain discrimination seen in the employment sector, where the minority class and non-Christians are deprived of showing their potential. We strongly oppose this kind of classification as no work is bound to any class or creed. Unequal employment raises animosity and hostility among the working people.

Ending Hate and Discrimination

As living individuals, we tend to be coordinating and equal by nature. But some ill acts disbalance the social living system. Our goal is to remove all crimes and finding their reasons so that we can target the roots of discrimination. Our teammates work in favor of erasing the factors that increase hate and unfair means.

Empowering the Community and Working

Sikhism like any other religion believes in following the true ways of God and helping the needy ones with a pure heart. The preachings of Guru Granth teach us that we are one and helping others empowers humanity. Educational Institutes help us to commute with the readers in easy dimensions

Legal Cases and Policy

Our team of American Sikh Sangat has been taking initiatives in the policy-making and jurisdiction system. Our members in the Congress hall help to make people work inequality building and bring favourable policies. There are several clients whose cases are being supervised by our legal experts.

Uplifting Sikh Contour

American Sikhs have been a part of the United States for hundreds of years and it has the reputation of its residents. American Sikhs are employed in the esteemed posts of America and equally participating in its services. Our aim stands with uplifting the Sikh profile in America.