Every child is special, Empower them

A Lens to Reform the Education System American Sikh Sangat association program enables every child to attain advanced education in a safe environment.

Encouraging Sikhism in Educational Standards
Our association team works in empowering American Sikh student’s knowledge and education. We aim to avail safe schools environments and advanced education to every individual student. American Sikh Sangat has been working for a long time, implementing schools and policies to establish an ideal learning platform.

We believe that every child deserves modern and ethical education and we are actively engaged to set such a platform for American youths. Sikh American Youths are the future collaborators and enhancers of Sikhism in America.

Our efforts are in the way to prevent a negative atmosphere like bullying and inequality in the schools and academies. We take special care that no American Sikh child remains illiterate due to the scarcity of resources and finances. American Sikh Sangat has wide networks that work for bringing an equal and right education system and systematically readdress the state education policymakers.
Encouraging Sikhism in Educational Standards
In the higher educational standards of the United States, we are working on integrating Sikhism as an indistinguishable part of the national education system. Our partnership with the US academic state development departments, allows us to refine the Sikh information in the texts.

Sikhs have been living in the United States for many years and have become a part of it. They are present in all national services and administration work and working to uplift the national reputation on the international front. But despite Sikh’s attendance, most of the Sikh community’s children face discrimination and ignorance by classmates.

It is witnessed and complained that Sikh students are being bullied by their classmates due to their appearance and name. Rectifying the inequity at the initial stages of kids’ mental growth is the only solution to set an ample environment in the future. In that case, we are looking forward to amending the American Textbooks with the true information about the Sikhs and their cultural values. Sikh tradition teaches us that helping everyone is the biggest service to God and we follow that. our efforts are returning in the form of a good response from American natives.

Our team of American Sikh Sangat has been working to implement effective steps in the necessary field. Our partnership with the educational association and school premises helps us to ensure that we are setting up ideal values and culture among kids. Sikhism has a good influence over multiple states of the USA and we are joining hands with development panels to expand the learning standards. We have branches and services in the US education and child development section and our efforts to create a good atmosphere in the academic premises are being implemented. Since its foundation, American Sikh Sangat has spread its influence in the required development section of the Sikh community in America and provides educational equipment to every child.

Prohibiting vulnerability in education platforms
Being a resident of a nation brings love and respect for it and we are committed to serving our nation in any possible way. As the residents of America, Sikhs have been showing their service and sacrifice towards the United States. But, every American Sikh does not get such a familiar hand from everyone; it is witnessed that American Sikh children have to face everyday bullying, teasing, and improper behavior from their classmates, friends, and natives.

The current American administrator Biden Campaign announced that American Sikhs are experiencing more bullying from the last 4 years than ever. While searching for the main reasons behind such outrageous behaviors, we found that this sense of irrationality arises from the earliest level of schooling education. Therefore reshaping the school education system and Textbooks will prevent this national issue.

A recent study shows that not only the school premises are responsible for bringing this inequality but also social media platforms play a crucial role in disbalancing the Sikh reputation. American Sikh Sangat is working on the reformation of this type of educational resource.

American Sikh Sangat has taken effective steps to eradicate this uneven behavior of the students and natives. Our team is encouraging American Sikh youths to collaborate and unify to bring the right message for everyone. Kids are tender plants, they will grow as we water them; discrimination knowledge will be nothing but pesticides to them. To amplify our society and set the right examples for the future generation, active and instant actions from every individual are a necessity. We work to set systematic approaches that can be implemented in the initial stages of a child’s growth. Revising the school textbooks is one of our priorities to showcase the culture and religious ethics.

American Sikh Sangat’s work effects have been marginally witnessed in the larger educational platforms. People have started valuing traditional culturing and coming forward to accept ethics in its form.

Reshaping Sikh Countenance in the Textbooks
We have been working to redefine American Books containing the information of the Sikh community and rectifying the errors. Our research to find the root cause of inequality showed us that it sprouted from the regular textbooks of students. It all starts with the early learning days and this sets the right gestures for future society building. Sikhs residing in America for overall 125 years have become an undetachable part of the nation. And this is the reason, it has become a golden part of American history. But some textbooks question the refugee Sikh’s religious beliefs and their appearance.

And this has somehow mischaracterized Sikh countenance in society and the whole nation. It is terrible to hear Sikhs in the name of terrorists and a segment of different religions. As the descendants of Sikh Gurus, we seek to find better ways to establish our true picture to the whole world.

Our team associates have connections and working correspondence with the education ministry and we are taking care of providing appropriate and true information on Sikhism. We are eyeing to analyze textbooks of children before their publication and work to rectify necessary mistakes of textbooks. American Sikh Sangat assures that textbooks are being published with quality content and never goes against any class, race, religion, and creed. As human beings we are responsible for creating an ideal society for our future and rectifying books for kids ‘ mental and emotional development is our responsibility.
Since its establishment in 2020, American Sikh Sangat has been working in implementing the right motifs and teachings of Sikhism. Our work has impacted the books associations and publishing houses of America as they have started understanding the ethics and values of Sikhism as adding this religion as a part of the nation and expressing their devotion to God. Many American states have taken initiative by giving Sikhism the reputation in a separate subject to understand Sikhs more. With this step, we hope that discrimination will end and people of education will play the tune of equality everywhere.

Ensuring each individual’s study equipment
American Sikh Sangat was formed to provide every needy with required goods and legally provide everyone equal education A recent study shows that some Sikh children are deprived of quality education just because of financial issues. Despite the high population of Sikhs, all of them aren’t well employed, which brings a lack of monetary support.

The study equipment and materials have become a big problem to gain quality education. Teachers teach about all subjects and to understand them properly, books and supplements are mostly needed. This monitory deprivation also creates a problem while going for research trips.

Our team of American Sikh Sangat is trying its best efforts to find all students that need financial support and provide study equipment to them. We have also worked with library authorities to give special allowance to those students and read from there. Our teammates have been working to serve all American Sikh students to provide study sets for their future studies. Our network is widely distributed and covers all likely NGOs and association houses that connect teachers and students for getting an education. Some educators serve all students without any self profit and give them excellent studies. American Sikh Sangat is involved in organizing regular workshop programs that welcome all associates who want to serve in the Gurudwara and teaching section.

Our work efforts have brought us in contact with more than thousands of educators that want to utilize their knowledge by sharing it. Our initiative has benefited not only American Sikhs, but non-Sikh communities are getting the same opportunity. As a result, many Americans appreciate Sikhs as a part of their nation and are respecting their articles of faith. Multiple schools are coming forward to give special chances to those who are financially weak and help them in every section.

Cheer up Kids
American Sikh Sangat is offering an exciting range of teaching-oriented study programs that are completely different from bookish education. We are providing extra-curricular activities that focus on learning new skills enhancing self creativity. With virtual sessions of different art skills, we have been working to create self-independent personalities.

Online sessions centering upon the study of art, music, literature painting are being mostly liked by the kids. Kids are the future of the world and creating a strong foundation and personality for them is our responsibility. We encourage everyone to join hands and serve them in every possible way.