Ending Hate and Discrimination

American Sikh Sangat strongly stands against any discrimination. Our belief lies in the unity and cooperation of all human beings.

Ending Hate and Discrimination
American Sikh Sangat strongly stands against any discrimination. Our belief lies in the unity and cooperation of all human beings.
Perpetrating rises from discrimination, step ahead and stop it
As living individuals, we tend to be coordinating and equal by nature. But some ill acts disbalance the social living system. Our goal is to remove all crimes and finding their reasons so that we can target the roots of discrimination. Our teammates work in favor of erasing the factors that increase hate and unfair means. We take discrimination as a crime with prejudice and this damages our relationships.

Making assumptions about someone’s identity, caste, race, color, and religion is a kind of mental disability. The United States has passed laws protecting each individual’s identity and their articles of faith.
Bigotry and prejudice are the enmities of Humanity
Permanent amity towards any religion is equal to stereotype and the future communities become its automatic victims. American Sikh Sangat strongly opposes the violent crimes fanned by the combat group of haters.

The families, Children, and helpless people get deep hostility and unlikeliness from other communities. Sikhs in America are being depressed for following different religions and becoming the subjects of hate and despise. Hence, we have constituted an everlasting healthy atmosphere.
Help us in the Noble cause
One man never wins the war, but one spot of courage does. Your cooperation in our team will increase our power and we can reach more people in less time. To erase hate and discrimination from society, we are tirelessly working towards finding alternative ways to empower society.

Tracking Hate Factors and Prohibition

American Sikh Sangat diligently works towards implementing policies in all levels of government sectors. Our working teams and associates work to encourage community members to eliminate all hate-causing incidents. This motto also lists non-criminal activities such as biased speech and illegal conspiracy to demolish someone’s fame. Amid such hatred and improbability, our sentiments and efforts are with the Sikh’s rise and growth.

The law enforcement agencies of the United States present federal and state-level policies to track anti-Sikh hate crimes. When the policymakers have the most appropriate data of crime factors and violence history, the implementation of peaceful residence will become easier. Educating policymakers about the necessity of instant anti-violence will be beneficial for the long term. Our campaign in the United States includes the promotion of anti-violation in the American States of California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. Our partnering members are working on the support systems that track the right enforcement of the policy and laws against hate crime. American Sikh Sangat is engaged in the advocacy against domestic terrorism. We also minutely measure and report the law forces that are set to target the black and brown communities. s.

Our association has helped in crafting the DTPA ( Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act) that is helping the federal, state, and local infrastructures to track and reshape legal intakes.
Our working efforts have reduced the cases of anti-Sikh hate crime. Hate tracking is the most necessary need to balance the residential life of America. Our team has helped to pass all hate-prevention crimes legislation acts in all parts of America. With the individuals joining our team, we have created networks in all sections of residential and law enforcement areas. The National Institution of Justice has passed the crime solution research platform to inform each individual about criminal justice and juvenile justice. This platform focuses on the variety of justice and crime types and their removal acts. American Sikh Sangat supports the US Department of Justice that composes the civil and constitutional rights of all American

Prevention of TSA Profiling
American Sikh Sangat continues to support the “End Racial and Religious Profiling Act” passed by the US government. This act prohibits the enviable profiling of the residents. In the TSA profiling, the supportive passage of the Screening with Dignity Act is praised. Christopher Soghoian, the American blogger witnessed that under TSA, the airport authority has been collecting the personal data of passengers in an ill-mannered manner and this has created security issues. After the press questionnaire in the media, instant actions were taken by the TSA management company. Our associate members are working with the TSA and different Sikh Organizations to launch a proper training guidance proposal updated in TSA profiling. Numerous groups have come in connection to voice the prevention of TSA and the abolition of this act. Along with the associate members, we have created an application that helps the Sikhs and Americans to complain regarding the misbehavior and discrimination performed by the officers. The official and valid complaints will be deeply observed and measured by the officials and necessary steps will be taken. Our work impact became evident in the phases where passengers report the unhealthy actions raised by the officers. We encourage you to take initiatives against any misbehavior and delinquency and use the national helpline portal for assistance. American Sikh Sangat has demanded immediate work support from the official. Just after the burst out of these incidents, we called the white house members of our connection and the renowned leaders about these incidents and the instant actions taken by them. We are enforcing the investigation teams to find the real motive and every aspect of this tragedy. We are taking the help of legal assistance to find the true motive of it and supporting every possible help to the family members with tax laws, and visas. Our efforts are proclaiming the official’s call for the removal of this type of activity. Months have passed since the happening of the tragedy and we have assisted in the planning and publicizing the matters burning this issue. We work to continue the press law enforcement and conduct a transparent investigation. If there is a conspiracy behind it, we will pull it out. We have direct correspondence to the media and courtrooms that will give justice to the life of the victims. We seek your help to join the team and support every individual to stand for this noble cause.
Assembling Gurdwara Security
In the Sikh Sangat, the servers of God have been working there to protect the authority and place of God. They take special care of the Gurudwara’s safety and suspected visitors. For the Gurudwara and the visitors’ safety, necessary effective steps are needed to be implemented. Unofficially, the American Sikh Sangat has been working for almost 10 years and in this journey, we went through various aspects that can help to upgrade the security of gurudwara. For the security preparedness, we have gathered mass cooperation and arranged the integral help from them. Our efforts have benefitted the Gurudwara committees of America and we have been fulfilling every need along with the security help. We have raised this issue in the white house and courtrooms of the United States and are getting possible help from the government. We have measured that Gurudwara is majorly targeted in accordance with the visitor’s number and to identify them, our team found out ways to end them. At the emerging levels of suspension, the gurdwara premises must be aware of the facts and check safety measures. Our associates have arranged, alarming system, video camera and improved the lock system of the gurudwaras. Our team of American Sikh Sangat has launched multiple programs that worked for safety improvements. Gurdwara Sangat committees themselves have understood that they need to be extra secure and safe from all perspectives. So far to the safety measures of Gurudwara, they are also spreading the news of awareness to the connected gurudwara authorities. They have increased their safety guardian and welcoming an environment where the abode of god and disciplines are possible. The members have become more aware and active than ever and are collecting higher amounts to save this sacred place of worshipping from anti-social elements.
Relocation and confinement
American Sikhs Sangat has received cases that are opposing Sikh’s citizenship in the United States. From the years of the arrival of Sikhs in the USA, they have been the subjects of conversation due to their looks with turban and beards. The major violations arise from the detention centers in their hidden forms. By detention facility in the nation, the centers give no access to interpreters, deny to act religious accommodations, and wear articles of faith such as turbans, Kada, and beard, and engage to perform group prayers. These higher standards of obligations seem vulnerable towards the Sikh community the most and the condition has worsened than ever. We have understood that immediate action has become necessary to bring up the need for equal acceptance among the citizens. With our agenda, we demand equal access to the religious processes, medical care, and language assistance and find them different from the immigration issue. It is our organizational call to the government to implement laws against detention and give fit flexibility to immigration. Sikhs or any other community immigrate to the USA for their finances and residence and there is no big issue in it but acting like the September 11 tragedy is severely inhumane. Our team of American Sikh Sangat has joined hands with the working bodies that raise voices against the confinement issues in the nation. Immigration prevention must not have strict rules but certain security help is needed to be. As we continue to monitor detention-related issues, we will also keep working with local Sangats to identify Sikhs who are being detained to ascertain the needs and resources, including connecting detainees with interpreters and lawyers well-versed in handling the intricacies associated with these delicate cases. We also continue to provide religious materials, including turbans, long hairs, and karas for detention center Chaplains to distribute to use in assisting Sikh detainees practicing their faith while detained. The American Sikh Sangat will continue to support larger coalition efforts to protect the basic rights of Sikhs and other communities inside the immigration detention system.
Interfaith Solidarity
We stand with every single American community sharing the same land with us. We are united against anti-religious sentiments. America has seen violence, discrimination, hatred, and unlikeliness with the non-American by birth religions. From the Hindu community to Muslim, Arab and Sikh communities get suspicious eyes from the residents. Even some followers of Christianity are being questioned due to their different methods of worshipping. Sikh Man’s turban and bread, Muslims hijab, and Hindu’s color have been a matter of national discussion for a while, and this creates marginal problems in the professional sectors. This discrimination creates problems in the living means and Sikhs are often getting deprived of ideal jobs and opportunities. This is a common challenge for us and we find solidarity to work against bigotry. We are inviting different religions to get united and raise our voices against it. American Sikh Sangat is targeting matters of hostility and building a better tomorrow. Our team forces learn about the ways to learn about different religions, their faith, and ethics and spread influencing teachings of them among all. By creating these initial goals, we can not only win over religious inequality but also form an ample atmosphere in the teaching platforms and ending racial profiling. American Sikh Sangat has organized many programs based on the religious beauty of each religion and we promote a “unity in one” agenda in all our concerned fields. Our representative members have influenced the external factors to the utmost and taught society about the ill effects of religious rejections. In recent years, we have seen some most humble acts performed by adverse religions for each other.