Empowering The Community And Working

A Lens to Reform the Education System American Sikh Sangat association program enables every child to attain advanced education in a safe environment.

Sikhism like any other religion believes in following the true ways of God and helping the needy ones with a pure heart. The preachings of Guru Granth teach us that we are one and helping others empowers humanity. Educational Institutes help us to commute with the readers in easy dimensions and they become aware of the right facts.

Our team, American Sikh Sangat is working on building the institutions promising the welfare of the community. The initial and primary goal is to educate everyone and for the long term, we desire to continue our legacy. Our volunteering team has been helping the needy and uneducated people to raise their lifestyle by providing them work and the right education. In various such ways, we have been working to expand our community and bring equality among all.

With our almost 10-15 years of working experience, our team members are determined to launch some specialized projects that will review our past works, influence and recognize future needs. Our current campaigns center around the most essential projects for the present time and we will update these with new projects in the future.

Steps against Covid 19
After the declaration of Covid 19 a Global pandemic in 2020, the world became restless and started panicking. During its initial stages, the cases were severe and without any remedy. This created a sudden outburst of deaths and medical emergence. We are highly proud of our medical system that handled the cases with courage and intelligence and the scientists that invented a resourceful medicine cum Vaccine. The vaccination process is still a challenge for countries that have millions of residents. In this condition, we are helping the state medical teams to distribute the covid19 vaccine. We are not a public health organization though we volunteer in disaster management and treatments. Here we present some of the effective ways to save the community from the pandemic
Social Distancing
Our team members associate in the places that are normally crowded and have seen more live cases. As per WHO’s guidance, social distance is the most effective term for covid 19; we have tried to maintain maximum distance in all of our community meetings, school premises, offices, and parties.
Government Laws
With the Covid 19’s outburst in the mid months of 2020, the country legislation announced some treatment-friendly acts. Families First Response coronaVirus Act Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Consolidated Appropriations Act Additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (PPPFA) The American Rescue Plan
Employment opportunities:
American Sih Sangat has been working towards availing jobs or money-earning options to those who lost their job due to the pandemic. We have connected cords with the companies and employees.
Covid 19 Vaccination Process
American Sikh Sangat assures that every American Sikh is vaccinated and it understands the importance of each drop of vaccine for everyone. Our organization has been working for the treatment of each sikh individual since the arrival of the pandemic. And we are working to contact every vaccine canter that has extra stocks for emergency treatment patients. We have teams working for the hospital premises that are in need of vaccines and other supplements. With our effort, we want you to join our team and collaborate with us.
 Farmers’ Protest Law
American Sikh Sangat stands with all farmers of the world. Since the arrival of the new law in India, Farmer’ rights and independence is being challenged. At the end of 2020, the Indian Government passed a new law for farmers’ support. But somehow, in major policies of the law, it challenged the farmer’s freedom of selling and buying the crops. For long-term settlements, this policy is against their freedom of earning. And this created massive dissatisfaction among the farmers of Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. This is not just a matter of India, but this is inequality for all Indians and the world farmer’s freedom. Our American farmers support the Indian farmers with peaceful demonstrations against this law.
Citizenship isn’t recommended for vaccination Our team works on availing vaccination for all people irrespective of their religion or caste. We believe that life matters more than getting citizenship. However, the farmers were opposed by the government to step down their opposition with the help of tear gas, water cannons, baton charges, internet, and resource shutdowns.

Our supporting steps
Our association stands with the Indian Sikhs and helps them in bringing equality and freedom to them. We have taken advocacy help to raise awareness regarding the amendment issues of this new law. American Sikh Sangat in association with policymakers and political parties are trying to influence the Indian Government to amend the policies.

Sikh Awareness Seminars
We are working with local sangats to spread awareness about Sikhism Sikhs have been residing in the USA for years and contributing to almost each service sector. Despite their recognition in the professional sector, the community is challenged in every corner of the nation due to their indifferent recognition and appearance. Sikh community is majorly questioned due to their articles of faith and ways of praying, hence facing bullying everywhere. Our team of American Sikh Sangat takes collaborative steps by organizing regular seminar programs on special occasions. Recently, we held a national-level conference in Fresno, California regarding the Farmer’s protest law of 2020.

This program was joined by over 80 organizations in the United States. We also organize workshops and vocational programs focusing on raising the Sikh profile. Our associate members are working in the states of Fresno, New York, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New Jersey. With the Government officials, we work on the different floors of schools, policies, and officials. These programs have largely influenced the Sikh community and we have connections with various members who have independently raised their personal profile with hard work and determination.