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Classroom Assistance

American Sikh Sangat is a united associate organization that has formed this forum for the educational purpose of the Sikh community in the United States. Classroom Assistance helps educators, parents, and pupils to connect and create an educated community.

This Classroom Assistance helps gather more educators to keep their voice and reach the needy students. We encourage every educator to reach our portal and share their knowledge and wisdom with the children. Educators can share guides, lesson plans, reading lists, books, and applications of child development’s use. They are also encouraged to engage everyone to raise their voice against bullying and anti-religious activities.

Majorly, this is a unique toolkit designed to collaborate teachers and parents to meet digitally. These classrooms engage in extra-curricular activities along with scholastic studies. Our portal pushes everyone to engage in reading and pursue their career goal.

Educator’s Resources

Share your guide
Students and parents can get an Education Guide based on their present education preferences and counseling sessions shared by the professional educators. Teachers themselves can share counseling guides and reading stationary books for the youths in this portal.

Plan meetings to share your resources and educational lessons
This portal is devoted to the pupils and educators in the Sikh community and teachers can freely share resources to help the students. We have made it easier by providing access to online education and video-calling classes. In addition to that, we hear about bullying incidents and take strict legal actions against them.

Entrance-Level Schooling, High School Education, Administration Assistance
Teach: What is Sikhism? What does it mean to be a Sikh?
Let the people know more about Sikhism and participate in the seminar and workshop programs organized to teach the educators. Know the most influential ways to talk about Sikhism and use impressive tools to teach students about the Sikh history and their development.
Sikh Educator’s Contribution
This is the way for us to encourage our helping educators for the Sikh community. We highly appreciate your efforts and services for the education of the children. Teachers are aware of the Sikh history, Literature, identity, features, religion, and valor stories. We have provided the teacher’s library toolkit for easy access to their needed resources.

Personal Training development
We have organized a personal development training session for the teachers and mentors for teaching training. This training makes them ready for schooling, education, administration work, and any discipline meeting their skills. These training sessions include attending online classes, seminars, workshops, and vocational programs. In these sessions, the programs include training with the topics of conversation based on Sikh religion, education, articles of faith, religious education, and cultural competency.

Parent’s Assistance

Find Anti-bullying Resources
Be aware of your Kid’s schooling education and their daily chores outside. Know about bullying cases in schools, parks, and outside areas.

Ask Educators about Sikhism
Know about Sikhism and its religion from professional teachers. Connect with professional teachers and know about the Sikh religion and their ways of teaching Sikhism in the classrooms.

Find resources for you and your child
Do not worry about your kid’s stationery and education supplements; American Sikh Sangat is there to help you. Contact us for getting educational help and resources.