About Us

We work towards Sikh community growth, classrooms, community, and congress association in America. Protection of constitutional and religious beliefs is our priority and purpose.

Our Aims and Mission
We aim to connect cord with American Sikhs and other communities for a noble cause. We constitute a team to connect, work, and influence society and remove discrimination and inequality.

Who are we?
American Sikh Sangat was established with a group of few members and today we are standing with hundreds of devoted associates. Our connections are associated in the rooms of community halls, courtrooms, and halls of congress.

We have been working to secure schools, preventing hate and discrimination, and inequality. Our main aim is to expose the hidden bullying and inequality activities among people. We call our services the special model that influences the personality building and environmental development of society. Our Organization identifies certain critical factors that indirectly affect Sikh’s residence in the USA. 

Our Organization works on building strong careers for individuals and availing everyone equal opportunity. For this, we provide strong volunteering support and increase resources. We work on increasing the skills, and mental health of the Sikhs in the USA and establishing a strong foundation for them in the long term. As a non-profit organization, our values stand with commitment towards the truth and service.

Why join us?

We are established for working in the larger platform hence, more team workers are desired to join our team. Not only will you get multiple opportunities working with us but also will be getting internships and job opportunities with us. We will be ultimately praised for your support.

How do we work? Our work model is not bound to the four walls of a room. We have branches over the means of digital platforms, schools, offices, political parties, and courtrooms. The team associates of Sikh Sangat are performing their work by becoming a part of these institutions and working places. We find out the abnormal behavior and unequal laws or systems and take instant action against it. In our regular seminar meetings, we discuss some burning issues and their solutions. For the kid’s education part, we have created a digital portal reachable by all teachers, students, and kids. For their easy education, students can reach this portal and ask questions about their needs. Apart from that, in legal matters, our associates discuss the issues in the meetings and tell about the remedies.
Careers Opportunities We offer pleasing career opportunities to individuals having an interest in the respective field. We avail employment scopes for all communities irrespective of any class, creed, gender, race, religion, or age.

Our Future Aims We aim to work forward with this same courage and excitement with more team members and benefit the larger community. At the time of its foundation, we had numerous dreams in our mind that dealt with the modification of society and erasing all ill activities from here. As social beings, we are facing new challenges every day and they demand newer and better solutions than earlier. With every day’s new issues of the national and international level for the Sikh, we have arranged for getting the best fair results in every aspect. In the coming days, we aim to expand our membership and connect more individuals to collaborate. Like before, our agenda and primary focus will be eradicating the negative influences of discrimination, inequality, and bullying of any religion.
What inspires us?
The happy smiling faces of kids, whose lives we changed and providing them quality education, the individuals satisfied with fair judgment in the courtrooms, and the public for whom we could bring positive equal laws, and many more like these have made us what we are today. The more accomplishment we are gaining every day, the more we are getting inspiration to flourish. We have been able to solve Sikh’s critical legal issues, educational matters, law enforcement equality, and residential allowance. Our work was highly appreciated by the non-Sikh individuals, and they have joined our group in large numbers.