Farmers Protest

Serving Humanity with Unity & Equality is the Greatest Service

Serving for the upliftment of the Sikh American community and enhancing their presence in the American society, legal affairs, classrooms, and halls of Congress.


American Sikh Sangat was officially established in the year 2020 with an aim to support and highlight the social issues of Sikh community by educating Americans about the Sikh values. We have been working for more than 10 years helping Sikh community by providing all necessary help as needed. Our goal is to keep the Sikh youth connected to its roots by providing religious and cultural education.

Mainly located in Fresno California, we regularly held national-level conference meetings to connect more Sikh volunteers and helpers.We are a non-profit, human development, education-oriented, Sikh empowering, and humanitarian group based in the United States. American Sikh Sangat organization is committed to promote Sikh values. We believe in equality and work in the upliftment of those in need. We ensure that our mission fulfills greater endeavors to serve, empower and unify mankind. Our team not only focuses on bringing out services to protect the lives of American Sikhs but also to empower them. Our work has an impact in flourishing in the areas of information, education, legal, religious, and cultural platforms of the USA.

We Believe ‘Sharing is Caring’

As Sikhism is a unique religion, it owns a remarkable concept of ‘Wand Chhakna’. Hence, believing in this distinctive concept of giving something for the welfare of the needy or less fortunate by the pockets of those bestowed with God, we believe in cooperative and corporate living.

Without selfish motives, we are determined to share the wealth and the knowledge of God with deserving people to eliminate poverty of mind as well as body. With the aim for social and economic equality of everyone through social responsibility, we feel duty-bound to share our food and earnings with the people who cannot help themselves.
We thank our supporters and donors for being with us to make this aim a success.

Our Religious

Sikhism is a religion that teaches a way of life  a symbol of equality and belief in karma. Sikhs believe in one God who guides and protects – all are equal before God.

Selfless Service

Our community is all about helping each other regardless of faith, our priority is humanitarian aid – because we believe we are human before all religions.

Our Culture

Sikh culture and lifestyle originated from our core values – culture is synonymous with rich, vibrant, and historical. Sikhs refer to the followers of Sikhism as a religion and not as an ethnic group.


We are dedicated to providing better education and our goal is to inspire, empower and help our community members to make connections and contribute successfully.

Our Vision

Our principles are to promote sustainable programs regardless of color, religion, race, or creed to instill civil and human rights in conscious and vibrant members of society.

Our Goal

We promote equality and multiculturalism by creating awareness, incorporating social culture and philosophies into the wider community, and providing humanitarian assistance.





The #FarmersProtest affects the global Sikh population, and the Sikh Coalition stands with Sikhs across the United States and around the world in solidarity with those advocating for their rights, dignity, and justice. Contact your elected officials, propose a draft resolution, and take other action today.



We are committed to helping every Sikh in the United States understand the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19. In partnership with NASMDA, the Sikh Family Center, and the Jakara Movement, we are producing and sharing a wide range of vaccine safety and availability information.

Who are Sikhs?

”Recognize All Human Race as One” is the belief of Sikhism. As a monotheistic religion, Sikhism originated in Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent around the end of 15th century. Based on the revelation of Guru Nanak, Sikhism was established with an aim of serving humanity. In Sikhism, God is conceived as the Oneness means there is one supreme being, the eternal reality, the creator,without fear, devoid of enmity, immortal, never incarnated, self-existent (known by) the grace of Guru. With more than 30 million of population, Sikhism is the world’s fifth-largest religion.


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